USA Life

Just inside the head of the “Statue of Liberty”, Liberty Island, NY, USA with one of our Nephews sometimes in April,  1992.Having snacks at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty.Disneyland, California, USA with Masum, one of our Cousins, sometimes in 1989 or 1990.In an Apple Garden in California, USA sometimes in 1990.With Golam Sarwar ( Farhad, Friend, who lives in NY, USA ) at my Residence in North Hollywood, California, USA sometimes  in 1990-1991Before coming to Bangladesh, visited the United Nations, New York sometimes in April, 1992.save0056.JPGsave0057.JPGWith cousin ………… and her Children at the premises of the Statue of Liberty sometimes in April, 1992.Statue of Libertysave0094.JPG

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