Letter to the Honorable Chief Adviser, Caretaker Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Letter to the Honorable Chief Adviser, Caretaker Govt. of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh
Iqbal Sharif

Dated : November 04, 2008 ; Tuesday

To : Dr.Fakhruddin Ahmed

Hon’ble Chief Adviser
Caretaker Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Sub : Humble request for Social & Legal Reforms based upon the Website : www.iqbalsharif.com


As a conscious citizen of Bangladesh, I have tried my best to express my humble views in my Personal Website : www.iqbalsharif.com

The views expressed there, might be helpful to make our Country 98% free from Corruptions, Hunger, Beggars, Bastes, Unemployment and so on, provided the following “Articles/Views” as expressed in my Website are carefully studied, understood and followed properly attaching Topmost Priority :-
01. Welcome Address
02. An Appeal
03. Corruption Practice in Bangladesh
04. 25 Most Important Burning Issues of Bangladesh
05. Poverty Eradication
06. Price Control
07. Power Generation : Problems & Prospects
08. Our Coal & Energy Policy
09.Earthquake & The Precautionary Measures in Advance
I do strongly believe from my heart that if the Policies as expressed in my mentioned Articles / Views are Officially Approved by the Bangladesh Government, we can certainly have a Country 98% Corruption Free within the next 05 to 07 years’ time period, where there shall neither be any Electricity problem, nor there shall be any Corruption, Hunger, Poverty, Beggars, Baste, Unemployment problems, rather all the Sections of the People would be really satisfied & happy and the total Country would be equally developed, which would depend upon your Excellency’s kind Understanding, Proper Action Plan and your Government’s Attitude towards the Common People.
As regards to the present Legal System, I do have my serious objections, as it starts, but does not come to an end until one Party is dead, either Practically, Economically or Mentally !
Again, if someone files a law suit against someone, without verifying anything, the Police would arrest the Person first as per the present system. Say, if somebody claims that you, the Hon’ble Chief Adviser of this present Caretaker Government, have killed a Person, the Police would arrest you ( if not you at this moment due to technical reason, but would arrest other Citizens, who are not in Power or Influential and even, they would run after you, when you would not be in Power ), though actually you have not committed that crime !

This is against one’s Humanitarian as well as the Constitutional Basic Right and to ensure one’s such Right, the present legal system must be changed/reformed on the light of this example.

I would consider my attempt a success if the Articles as above mentioned are studied carefully and if convinced, those are forwarded to the Board Meeting of your Hon’ble Advisers under your Excellency’s Chairmanship.

May I expect such an action, please ?
With thanks & kindest regards,
Sincerely yours,


Muhd. Iqbal Hussain Sharif
Independent Consultant
Gladiola, Apartment : A-3
House : 11, Road : 23
Sector : 7, Uttara Model Town
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh

Cell : 01711-527-080 ;
Tel : 8962449
Fax : 8962385 ;
E-mail : [email protected], [email protected]
Web : www.iqbalsharif.com

N.B. : This letter was sent to the Hon’ble Chief Adviser by E-mail at : [email protected] on Tuesday, November 04, 2008 at 2.19 PM

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