25 Burning Issues, My Humble Views

25 Burning Issues, My Humble Views

Muhd. Iqbal Hussain Sharif


Though the problems in our day to day lives are unlimited, still I would like to discuss some of the basic problems, so that those are properly understood and be solved attaching TOPMOST Priority for the greater interests of our 150 Millions of wonderfully loving People and their Country, Bangladesh. Let us please examine, what are those problems, which are directly hampering our National Economy, Social Lives & Values and how to overcome those.

01. Power Generation : It is the basis of all modern developments, though it is scarce like diamond in our country. To make the policy as simple as sea-water, the Govt. could pass a law, which shall allow any interested Party, any Person or any Company to Generate Electricity in the declared Zone of the Country. No tender or Govt. permission shall be required. As per the declared Policy, the Govt. shall buy the required Electricity from the concerned Person or Company at a fixed Price ( declared much earlier ) on the basis of First come, First served Policy. No Electricity, no Payment and no Price bargaining. Naturally, there shall be no shortage of Electricity and there shall be no question of Corruption at all, which shall ensure a heavenly Peace & Development for our Country maximum within the next 3 years’ time ( for details, my write up on “Power Generation : Problems & Prospects” may please be read carefully ).

02. Baste & Beggars : Human beings, the best creation of Almighty Allah. All the Religions and Governments throughout the world do believe that and Millions of People & Govt. Machinery are ready to sacrifice & take lives ( respectively ) just to prove this ideology. But the irony is, this human beings, the best creation of Almighty Allah, do beg from door to door, sleep by the road-sides & drains, die without food & treatment! They do born in debt, live in debt and die in debt! There is a Social Welfare Department in our Country to ensure those rights and there are thousands mouths also in that Department to get monthly salaries, though the Citizens are on the Streets and hungry! We do see it, every day and moments, but we do not come forward to solve this inhuman scenario permanently. More or less 90% of us are Muslims and a mentionable numbers of this 90% are Hajji & well-to-do Persons, but other than exceptions, we do not share our foods and other belongings with our ill-fated relatives & neighbors! It is not desired at all that our respected Relatives, Citizens and the best creation of Almighty Allah should reside by the sides of roads, drains, canals, etc. and they should beg on the roads or from doors to doors & persons to persons. As per the Constitution, “Fundamental Principles Of State Policy, Clause No. 15 (a) of our Constitution at Page : 5, April, 2008 Edition”, it is the basic duty of any form of Govt. to give Shelter to her Citizens and to ensure proper Food, Clothes, Education, Medical Facilities, Entertainments and Jobs for them. Ironically, our so-called Political Leaders and Educated Groups do shout and fight for the Voting Rights, but 98% of them forget the other Basic Rights of the Citizens, as if those rights are not required at all and those were mistakenly added in our “Bangladesh Constitution”! As if, mere Voting Right would help the Citizens to survive without any Food & Shelter!

Based upon the stated facts as above, what I do believe, no Govt. should and must not demolish the shelter/residence of their Citizens without arranging suitable Shelters, Jobs, Foods & Treatment Facilities to them, which is 100% against the Constitution. Idle money of the Religious Institutions, Banks and the confiscated Wealth from the Godfathers and Corrupts may please be used to ensure those facilities to our respected Citizens and the best creation of Allah ( my Write up on “Poverty Eradication” may please be read for details ).

03. Law Suits : There is proverb that the “Thai Kings used to present White Elephant/s to their Opponent/s with an aim to destroy them slowly”. Similarly, to destroy a Family in our Country, just one Civil or Criminal Law Suit is enough! Therefore, any law suit/s, Civil or Criminal in nature, final judgment must be passed within 03 months to maximum 05 ( Five ) years’ time period from the date of filing of such law suit/s. In case of any willful false law suit/s, the concerned Person/s including the Lawyer/s must be jailed for minimum 25 ( Twenty-Five ) years without any so-called VIP treatments. The concerned Judge/s must ensure that. The necessary law/s must be passed and applied in this regard. In case of willful false judgment, the concerned Judge/s must also be jailed in the same way to set up tuff examples as our lives are not unlimited and we can not allow some Criminals to destroy our Family lives and the Society as well. To do so, sufficient Manpower be employed and the Court Buildings with the Residential accommodations be constructed. The required costs be covered from the increased amount of Court Fees as well as from other Govt. Sources & Bank Loans, if required.

* As per the present Legal system, if the Clients pay only Tk.2 to Tk.4 as Court Fees ( which the Govt. gets ), but actually, in addition to their Transport, Lodging and Food expenses, the Clients have to pay Tk.2,000 to Tk.10,000 on average to the Court Staff as Misc. costs ( without any receipt ) per day of Court attendance plus the Exorbitant Legal Fees to the Hon’ble Lawyers and their Staff ( again without any receipt ) as well. Depending upon the nature of Law Suit, this Day-time Dacoities by the Members of our Legal System continues for minimum 3 years to 20 years to settle a single law suit ( though this cannot ensure the proper justice in a large number of cases, as the Clients do dye or become beggars within that period of time ), which compels the Clients to sell their Properties and other belongings or to become insane ( though the Govt. is not at all benefited out of this huge expenditures of the Citizens for their Law Suits, rather the Govt. faces additional Law & Order and other Social problems ) and the Corrupt Members of our Justice Department and their Family Members become wealthy without any “White Source of Declarable Income”, which again increases corruptions geometrically in the Country due to the direct impact of our Justice Department.

* But by increasing the Court Fees ( minimum Tk.3,000 to Tk.500,000 depending upon the nature of Services to be received by the Clients. In case of a Client’s inability to bear such burden of fees, the concerned Client be given scope to pay the fees after the Law Suit is finished or even, the same fee be exempted, provided the Client has 100% records and evidence in support of her/his allegation ), our Govt. could be benefited economically, Judges & Staff could be paid handsome salaries, corruptions could be controlled / eradicated significantly and proper verdicts could be passed against each Law Suit on time ( 3 months to 5 years ), which could save the Citizens from economic & moral disasters and the Govt. from unwanted Law & Order situations and other Social problems. Not only that, our Unemployment problem could also be solved significantly by employing the required numbers of Judges, Lawyers, Court Staff & Employees throughout the Country, which would reduce the undue Pressures on the Judges for Judgments on time and also this enhanced Fees & Maximum Jail term would minimize the number of False Law Suits as well, which would surely help the Citizens & the Country from disasters.

* Again, Contract System to run the Law Suits by the Lawyers be introduced on emergency basis to save the 95% CLIENTS from being BEGGARS. As per this system, the Lawyers would accept the Law Suit/s only when they would be satisfied after the proper scrutiny of the records ( Papers & Evidences ) in support of their ( Clients ) allegation/s. If satisfied, the Lawyer/s would accept the Law Suit/s on the condition that the Client/s would pay the Legal Fees only if they win, No Win, No Legal Or Any Other Fees & Expenses and this Legal Fee & Expenses may vary from 5% to 10% value of the respective Law Suit ( in case of Money Suit ) or a certain amount ( in case of other Law Suits ) to be decided mutually. This unique system would not only save the Citizens & Clients and ensure Justice in the Society, but would also reduce the unwanted Law Suits and help the Govt. from the extra burden of the Law & Order situation due to the false Law Suits. This system has already gained wonderful popularity in the Developed World and now it is our turn, if we really do love our People, Country and want to save them from unwanted harassments.

04. Godfathers : All sorts of Criminal Offences and Corruptions basically do depend upon the Godfathers & their protected Cadres. To bring peace & progress permanently, all the Godfathers and their special Cadres must be arrested, jailed & 95% ( balance 05% to be kept to run the Families of those Godfathers & Corrupts ) of their movable & immovable properties including liquid capital at home or in abroad ( in their own or their wives / children’s / brothers / relatives’ names ) be confiscated and deposited in the Govt. Treasury. No need to arrest or harass the common People of the Country. Arrest of maximum 25,000 ( Twenty-Five thousands ) such persons from the different Political Parties, Police, Civil Govt. Officials, University Teachers, Journalists, Doctors, Engineers, Judges, Lawyers, Contractors, Union Leaders of Banks & Corporations and Business Personalities throughout Bangladesh and confiscations of their 50% to 95% assets, landed properties & capitals could bring permanent peace & basic development maximum within the next 05 to 07 years in our Country. For any corruption or violence, it is the Godfathers, who are mainly responsible, not the Followers. Naturally, the Godfathers must be brought under law first and be jailed for minimum 25 years ( no so-called VIP treatments ). Even, death sentence be actively considered depending upon the nature of crime and the same punishment must be ensured within 08 months’ time only ( from the detection of such crime ) by forming a Special Court/s.

05. Arrest Before Judgment : Though arrests are necessary to bring Peace in the Society, but its wrong implementation process shall certainly hamper our National Economy. Say for instance, this present Caretaker Govt. has already arrested a few lacs of People and doing the same again and again after a certain gap. This has created a PANIC amongst the Politicians, Business Community, Social Leaders and even the Common Public. Naturally, the Investment Index has already significantly comedown, Unemployment has increased alarmingly and the Price of Essential Commodities has gone up by 40% or so on average. This has genuinely created anger amongst the Common People ( out of 150 Millions, more or less 120 Millions of People ), actually who were in 100% support of this Govt.

* We all know, we were under the British Regime for 200 years and Pakistanis ruled us about 25 years. Within this long period of 225 years of oppressions, we lost our “Virginity, Integrity, Ethics, Honesty, Morality” and so many things as the victims of Circumstances or Willingly as well due to the Genetic reasons. However, due to those inherited Administrative Processes, about 99.99% of us ( including Myself, Yourself & Themselves ) are Corrupt now a days as per the real meaning of the Term “Corruption”. Proper Open Examination of our “Tax Returns”, “Banking Records” and the “Wealth Statements” for the last 15 years shall certainly prove that, though we can’t place this 99.99% of our People under Trial and bring the Angels from Heaven to run our Country! This is the reality and we must understand that if we are in sense.

* Therefore, what I do strongly believe from my heart ( without any influence & pressure from anyone ), a “General Pardon” be declared as soon as possible and only a listed few, say maximum 25,000 Corrupt Persons throughout Bangladesh be tried. This doubtful 25,000 Persons be advised to to submit their Tax Returns along-with the Bank Statements & Wealth Statements to the Govt. and also to return 50% of their Illegal Assets and Bank-balance willfully to the Bangladesh Govt., if there be any such Assets & Bank-balance. In case of any Willful False Statement ( as per the NBR Officials’ judgment ), they ( Taxpayers ) be tried, but must not be arrested until & unless they prove to be guilty by the empowered Court, as once arrested and later found innocent, who would compensate that Person and is it at all possible to compensate or is it at all Justice ? If there is doubt that the Person might flee away, in that case, proper “Guarantee” may please be taken in advance from the “Entire/Maximum Family Members” of that Person plus the Party Leaders ( in case of a Politician ) as well as from the respective “Lawyer/s” of the said Person and also from the Social Leaders ( if needed be depending upon the importance of the Person ). Again, the “Bank Accounts” of the total Family be placed under control with a provision to withdraw a certain amount per month to meet the basic expenses only and the “Passport” might also be taken away and “Rule” might be issued upon the Person/s to keep in touch with the local Law-enforcing Authority in each Hour/Day/Week or so. Finally, the Law Suit be finished within maximum 08 months’ time through a Special Court, so that the Person’s Family Members do not suffer unnecessarily. If found guilty, the Person be taken into Custody, minimum jail for 25 years be ensured, 95% assets be confiscated ( 45% more for the willful false statement ) and hanged, if required. But the Politicians, Business Community, Social Leaders, and Common People must not be kept in “Anxiety” if the Govt. really wants the continuous Development and Peace of our Country, Bangladesh ( For details, Point No.O) of “Corruption Practice in Bangladesh : Its Roots and the ways of its Eradication” may please be read ).

06. Illegal Structures & Occupancy :
Any such structure/s, must be demolished at the costs of the respective owners and the Govt. land & properties must be protected by the Govt. through strict laws & regulations. Also the concerned Persons for such illegal activities must be fined & jailed ( minimum 25 years’ jail plus Tk.50 lac fine respectively ) to set up tuff examples. Once a land is vacated, that must be protected by any means ( by creating walk-ways, gardens, plantations, commercial & residential buildings, etc. ).

07. Construction Of Roads & Drains : Once constructed, that must not be broken within the next 08 years’ time ( or at least for a logical time period to be fixed by the concerned Engineers & Consultants ) and the construction works must be finished within the winter season ( much ahead of the rainy season and the works should be carried out in between 09.00 pm to 5.30 am and if in the day time, there must be fence to cover the place of construction/s ). If not satisfied with the construction works, the concerned Ministry Officials, Engineers & Contractors must be jailed for minimum 25 ( Twenty-five ) years and their 95% assets & capitals must be confiscated by special law as above explained.

08. Pass For Secretariat, PM Office, etc. : To enter into the Bangladesh Secretariat, Prime Minister’s Office, Chief Adviser’s Office, Army Office, Police Office or in any other Office/s, there must not be any Pass system, as that Policy creates the scopes of harassments to the respected Citizens, bribery & corruptions. For security reason, the concerned visitor/s be properly checked, while entering into such Office / s ( if the Citizens’ basic daily services are ensured, applications are properly evaluated and proper actions are taken on time, the Citizens do not need to visit those Offices as mentioned ).

09. Responsibilities Of Govt. Officials : If we, the Citizens, apply for anything to the Govt., the concerned Officials must reply in writing maximum within 03 ( Three ) weeks’ time from the date of receipt of the respective application. If the applicant’s prayer is justified, the reply must be positive. If not justified, the applicant must be informed in writing by Registered Post with Acknowledgement Slip or by E-mail or by Fax showing the shortcomings. If the shortcomings could be fulfilled by the applicant, her/his prayer must be granted maximum within another 02 weeks’ time period from the date of receipt of the required documents. In short, normally one should not visit the different Offices of the Govt. to kill their and the Govt. Officials’ precious time. The Citizens will just apply by Registered Post with the Acknowledge Slip or by E-mail or by Fax or even on Phone also and the Govt. Officials shall act properly as per the guidelines as above mentioned. Any violation/s by the Govt. Officials or Citizens ( visitors ) must be seriously dealt with the punishments like : Demotion, Fine & Jail ( minimum Tk.10 lac and 10 years respectively ).

* Please be informed that, while in America in 1988, I made only 04 Phone-calls from a Street-Phone to get the connections like : Telephone, Electricity, Water & Gas at my newly rented residence in North Hollywood, California and got all the 04 connections within less than 02 hours without any reference and even visiting their Offices, submitting any Application or paying any Money or tips. I just gave my ID Number on Phone, they came one by one, gave connections with the information that I would get the Bills by Mail, which I might pay at a time or by installments. Again, on July 01, 2008, we moved to Uttara from Gulshan to facilitate the education of our only School-going daughter [ Student of Scholastica ] and without any reference or spending any extra money, we got 02 Telephone connections within only 05-07 days’ time from BTTB, where earlier one would have required recommendations from the hon’ble Minister/s and had to wait for years even after paying the high fees and extra charges! This is what the Policy/Idea is and where money does not play the vital role, except the powerful desire from the Government to build the Country and I do mean it from my heart.

10. Forestry : To make a Country “Green” and her People “Healthy”, at least 25% of the total landed area be covered with Forests, though we have only 6% or so. This is really an alarming situation for all of our People and our Children, which must be dealt with most seriously, so that we can cover minimum 25% of our landed area maximum within the next 07 years’ time period. It is observed that every year we plant trees through our Govt.’s initiative, though we do not find 90% of those planted trees in the next year due to lack of or No Monitoring System. This backward trend must be stopped right from now on if we want our Children healthier and free from manmade disasters as well as the Natural Calamities like : SEDER, TSUNAMI, Global Warming, etc.

* To solve the problem, 100% Roads, Canals, Rivers, Fields, Schools, Colleges, Universities, etc. be taken under special programs for Tree Plantations with immediate effect. Roofs and adjacent vacant land of all the houses ( where possible ) be also included in this program and at least 90% of the planted Trees must be protected by following special measures ( for details, Clause No. I [ AAI ] of my write-up ” Price-hike and its probable Control Policy ” may please be studied ).

11. Introduction Of Special Woven, Plastic & Steel Furniture : For the cooking purposes, at least 80% of our total Population do use Firewood. Again, we all do use Wooden Furniture in our Residences, Shops & Offices. This is something a very serious cause for the destruction of Forests and Environment of our Country. In order to set an immediate control here, Govt. could help to introduce the “WOVEN” ( invented by the Science Laboratory, Ministry of Science, Dhaka ) amongst the Rural People and also Plastic & Steel Furniture throughout Bangladesh on Priority basis, which would certainly ensure better Public Health by reducing Pollution, save the Trees from immature destruction and help our Country to be GREEN within the next 05 to 07 years’ time or so. Not only that, this would also save our Country from the Natural Calamities like SEDER, TSUNAMI, Global Warming and so on.

12. Waste Management : As a Policy matter and Practice as well, all the Industries throughout the Country must have their own Waste Recycling Plants. “No Recycling Plant, No Permission for the New Industry”. For the existing Industries, they must be instructed to install the same within a certain period of time ( say maximum 18 months or so ) and all the Banks must be directed to sanction required loans for the said purposes and preference must be given on Local Technology to reduce the extra costs ( no Bank loan for Foreign Technology , but if the Local Technology fails and there is proven Certificate in that regard, in that case, Loan for Foreign Technology be allowed ). If failed to honor the Govt. directions in this regard, the concerned Factory / Industry must be closed by force showing topmost importance to 150 Millions of People and their interests. Again, all the Roads & Passages must be kept 100% clean and the waste/garbage be recycled to produce Electricity, Fertilizer and other Daily necessities. Required manpower be employed to clean the garbage in between 10.00 PM to 5.00 AM in covered Transports, each Person’s labor hours be utilized properly through special Monitoring System and the Budget be sanctioned and utilized as well. The concerned Mayor/s & other related Officials shall ensure that. The Citizens be strictly advised to follow the related instructions, while dumping the Garbages and if the Citizens fail to dump their garbage by obeying the related codes of conduct, they be fined minimum Tk.2,000 per violation of such codes, so that they shall have to follow the same ( whether willfully or under compulsion ). In case of such 03 violations within a month, the fine should be raised to Tk.10,000 or a jail term for 03 weeks time.

* In case of failure of the Mayors and their respective Officials to ensure the neat & cleanliness of their areas, a fine of Tk.10,000 per day per dumping spot be strictly implemented ( to be paid from the respective Mayor’s personal Pocket ) and if this problem continues for 30 consecutive days, the concerned Mayor’s Post be vacated for a new election. The related Budget for these works ( Cleaning of Garbage, Recycling of those to produce Daily necessities, Generate Electricity and to Produce Fertilizer ) be sanctioned by the Govt. well in advance and the recycling tasks be executed by the related Ministries together with the Ministry of Science and the Power Division of the Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources.

13. Traffic Jam : Bangladesh, a Country of 150 Millions of People at present. To meet the Daily necessities, more or less 70% or 105 Millions of our People have to move here and there everyday and our Traffic System creates an Iron-Bar obstacle on their way to different places. If we want to verify the scenario practically on the Roads, the picture would be something like this : On Fridays’ morning, say 8.00 AM, it takes only 15 minutes by Car from Gulshan-1 to Bangladesh Bank in Motijheel, Dhaka. But on the Office days, it takes minimum 75 minutes, viz., 5 times’ more time for the same distance and location. This simple instance proves, due to this 5 times’ time-loss on our way to & from our Work-places, actually we loss : Working hours at least by 02 hours per day of 105 Millions of People, their Wages for that unproductive period, Cost of the Imported Fuels, Depreciation costs of Transports & Machinery, Costs of Health hazards 150 Millions of People and the costs of Production loss. If expressed in terms of money, certainly it shall exceed more or less a figure like USD 50 Billions or so per year, which could be calculated properly by the experts in this regard.

* To overcome this Traffic Jam crisis from our National life, we must take the most appropriate measures from now on if we do not want to collapse within the next 07 years or so! What I believe, with our limited resources also, we can certainly minimize the burden a lot, provided if we would take and implement the following Short-Term steps : aa) All the Drivers ( Bus, Mini-Bus, Truck, Van, Taxi, Private Car, Jeep, Motorcycle, Rickshaw, Cart, etc. ) and Traffic Police, be educated about the Traffic System by introducing a 03 hours’ Training Course and all the Drivers must have Driving License with their National ID Numbers on the Licenses. bb) We, the Public as a whole, be enlightened through TV and Newspapers’ advertisements for minimum 45 days and be compelled to use the Foot-Over-bridge, where available. cc) After that period, in case of any Traffic violation, the concerned person be fined for Tk.3,000 or 01 day’s jail per violation or 10 days’ jail in case of 03 such violations within 60 days’ time. dd) Introduction of Busses & Mini-Busses to carry more passengers, which would run on all the Roads & Lanes. ee) To fix a specific Lane for the Rickshaws, Carts & Cycles. ff) To keep some Roads as One-way only. gg) Registration costs for the Private Cars, Motor Cycles be significantly ( say 5 times ) raised ; Import Duties be doubled and Ban be imposed restricting not to buy more than 02 Cars per Family ( Father-Mother-Children ) to reduce their pressures on Roads. hh) Higher entrance fee be introduced for some important Roads on some specific time period. ii) Parking charges be raised by 5 times. jj) Foot-paths be kept 100% Free from any obstacle like Hawkers & their Products and be newly constructed also on all the Roads. kk) Sufficient Traffic Police be employed to cover all the Crossings & Turning Points of all the Roads & Lanes throughout the Country. ll)) Road Dividers be constructed on all the major Highways and important Roads of the entire Country in order to save lives, prevent accidents and Traffic Jam as well. mm) To impose ban on Transports older than 15 years to enter into Dhaka City. nn). To allow the Citizens and their Transports to use the Main Roads of the Cantonments in Dhaka, Chittagong and other Cities, wherever necessary for the crossing purposes only. oo) To construct Foot-Over-bridges on all the major Road-Crossings and pp). To construct Tunnel on all the Rail crossings, where the Trains would run through the Tunnels and the Cars & Passengers would cross over the Tunnels. As a Long-Term measure, Roads, Highways, Flyovers, etc. be constructed & widened ( wherever possible ); Subways, Mono-Rails, Special Trains & Launch Services and Circular Trains & Waterways be also introduced as and when required.

* Question of Finance would certainly come in respect of Training Course, TV & Newspapers’ Advertisements, introduction of Busses & Mini-Busses, Employment of sufficient Traffic Police, Construction of New Roads, Road Dividers and introduction of Subways, Mono-Rails and Special Trains & Launch Services, etc. Actually, our Traffic Department has already a Budget, but not properly used, which has to be re-examined and corrected cautiously ( if required ). A major portion of the newly employed Police Personnel’s’ salary may please be collected through Fines & Enhanced Charges as mentioned. The NGOs, Mobile-Phone Companies, Renowned Group of Companies, be requested to please share the Budget as Co-Partners and Donations be collected from the Public and Religious Institutions ( Mazars, Mosques, etc. ) as well as the International Sources.

* Actually, there is already a Budget, which has to be increased to cover the increased costs. I do strongly believe, it is now the question of proper understanding of the entire situation and the WILL-POWER to Start and Overcome the crisis, as where there is a will, there is a way. Otherwise, time is coming ( say within the next 07 years or so ), when by keeping our Cars in our Garages, we all shall have to walk on Foots, would meet accidents and depart to meet Almighty Allah before our scheduled date of departure from this wonderful world or would stay at home to avoid the unwanted botherations and buy illness! Should we do so ? It’s up to you all to please decide, now.

14. Widening Of The Existing Roads : Pain of Snake-bite is understood by the victims only. Similarly, those who live in the older parts of Dhaka City, they do understand the meaning of Traffic Jam and the every day’s pain of living by the sides of narrow Lanes, where even it is hard to drive a Rickshaw or to walk side by side. They might have much money to buy Posh Cars, but no scope to keep those in their own Garages. They even can’t think of the services of Ambulance or Fire Service Department during the emergencies, though they are rich in the real meaning of the term in the context of our Bangladesh’s economy. The only cause of this lifelong sufferings is Narrow Roads. But I do believe, if wanted to from our hearts, this problem could easily be solved just like the Rain Water. Let us please see, how ?

* Say for instance, 1,000 Families live by the sides of Lane ” X ” in Sadarghat area since their births. Some have bigger Plots of land, while the others have a very small Plots, where construction works are not possible. Again, some are Rich, while the others are Poor and unable to arrange the required fund for the necessary construction works. Based upon the land’s location, at present the selling price per SFT of construction area is Tk.500 only, but it could be sold at Tk.10,000 viz., 20 times’ more and could have access to a modern life with mental peace, provided if we could have widened the mentioned Lane ” X ” by any means. Now let us please see, how.

* I strongly believe, by forming a TRUST or FOUNDATION with all the Owners of that Lane ” X “, the mentioned problem could easily be solved. As per this system, the 100% Owners of the lands on Lane ” X ” will form the said Trust / Foundation and would run it as Shareholder Members by forming Committees. This Trust / Foundation could arrange required Capital from the Members, Govt. as well as from the Banks to widen the Lane and for the construction of Commercial Shops and Residences for all the Members on that Lane ” X “. This way, the Lane would be widened enough for easy Traffic and Commercial value would raise by 20% minimum as mentioned above. Again, all the Members of the proposed Trust / Foundation would have their own Shops and Residences there as per the ratio of their land. This way, nobody would be affected, but everybody including the Govt., Common People and the Country would be tremendously benefited without any fight or tension and everybody will have their Shops & Residences in a Modern Environment with standard income & eternal mental peace. NGOs, Electronic & Printing Medias, Civil Society, the Ministry of Local Govt. & the Ministry of Communications could take the initiative to form such Trusts / Foundations, if they do really want a better life for the common Citizens.

15. Timely Pension : It is said & believed that the “Crows do not eat Crows’ meat”, though our human beings, who work in the AG Office or in other Offices and are responsible to calculate the Pension benefits, do eat that “Crows’ Meat” by taking compulsory Bribes from the other Govt. Officers & Staff or even from their own Colleagues! Those who have retired and drawing Pensions, they and others, who are running after their Pension Benefits just after their Retirements, they do understand the real meaning of this term ( eating Crows’ meat )!

* This inhuman problem could have also be solved only by adopting a Policy in advance. Say, Mr.Rahim would retire in December, 2009. Normally, he would have submitted his Pension papers after his retirement, which would take unexpectedly lengthy time, bribe money and mental harassments. But if a Law is passed allowing Mr.Rahim ( the person who would retire ) to submit his Pension papers before 06 months of retirement, then the problem could easily be solved. As per law, within this 06 months’ time, the AG Officials and others related with this calculation purpose, must have to finalize the Bills and deliver the same to Mr.Rahim at least 04 weeks’ before the date of her/his retirement. If the AG Officials and other related Persons fail to do so, the concerned Person/s be fined Tk.10 lac and jailed for minimum 10 years, which would solve this inhuman problem forever.

16. Compulsory Army Training : Though money can buy everything, but not Mental Peace, Health and Life and that is why, a Sound Health is always expected, which is better than the Entire Wealth of this Universe. How to get this Sound Health ? Regular Exercise and balanced Food, the simplest reply. A Nation is rich, if their Citizens are healthy. To ensure this good health, “Compulsory Army Training to all the Citizens, particularly for the Students, Primary Schools to Universities”, be considered right from now on, which would not only ensure the Good Health of the Citizens, but would also Reduce the National Health Budget and Save the Country from any External Aggression, if needed be. To implement this Policy, Educational Institutions, those who do not have the required space for such Trainings, they could use the Class Rooms & Verandas of their own premises and also the Open Fields of other Institutions on payments. If required, nearby Fields of the Army, BDR & Police Camps be utilized considering the National Interests. For the rest of the Citizens, other Sports Programs may please also be arranged per month on regular basis jointly with the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Sports along with Parjatan Corporation, which would create Public Awareness amongst the Citizens and would assist to keep the National Health as per our expectations.

17. Fertilizer : The 70% People of our Country, who are directly involved in Agricultural Farming and anyone, who reads the National Daily Newspapers, listen to TV News & Radios, they do know the necessity of Timely Supply of Fertilizer in our National life. We, the common Citizens, also know about the Processions demanding Fertilizer for the Agricultural Productions as well as the Police Firings & Killings to stop those Most Innocent Farmers, who directly help us, the so-called White-Collar Groups, to live by providing our Daily Foods and other necessities. But probably, the Govt. Machinery ( who live on those Farmers for their Food-supply, their Lives ), does not know the tremendous contributions of those Farmers in our National Life or might be, they do not want to know the same due to their False-Aristocratic Feelings and Ignorance! That is why, we have to import about all of our daily necessities from other Countries, who have surplus. But due to misc. reasons, if those Countries refuse to export, what would happen then ? Recently we have already noticed such trends, when our Govt. wanted to import RICE to feed our People just to cover the loss of SEDER.

Considering that hard reality, at least 03 Urea Fertilizer Factories, each minimum 5 Million MT production capacity per year, be set up in our Country on Grants, Loans, etc. and that has to be done on Topmost Priority basis. So far I know, during the last Govt.’s time, there was a Proposal from an European Country to give loan to Bangladesh Govt. @ 1.95% interest per year for 12 years with a provision for 3 years as grace period with an aim to set up such an Industry in Fenchuganj, Sylhet, which the Finance Ministry returned several times without being approved on the plea that the rate of interest was higher and some other silly reasons as well, though the proposal had the 100% support from the Foreign Country and the Ministry of Industries of Bangladesh Govt.

If we calculate the value of Production loss per year throughout Bangladesh due to the non-availability of this Fertilizer as well as the future of our Country, it would be something very alarming ( the exact loss be calculated by the concerned experts )! Therefore, if we do not want to keep our 85% People Hungry and Civil War, without waiting for a single moment, our Govt. should immediately accept that proposal ( if that Foreign Country is still ready to back their proposal or if any other Country do come forward ), if they do really love our People and the Country as well.

In this Free economy, Fertilizer must be available in the open market to ensure the guarantee of our Food Supply, whether it is to be imported or produced by the Govt. or Private Companies, so that anybody could buy the same, whenever necessary. If required, 100% subsidies be given by the Govt. and the availability of Fertilizer on Demand must be ensured. Unnecessary control is not at all expected here.

18. Language & Technical Trainings : Manpower Recruiting Companies and Bangladesh Govt. jointly must arrange a 06 months’ to 01 year Training Course for the Citizens ( who would visit other Countries for employment purposes ) on Technical Education as well as Language Proficiency, which would guarantee the better wages and ensure the Service related Safety of our Overseas Jobseekers and increase the foreign remittance of Bangladesh Govt. by at least 03 to 05 times. To inspire the Youths as well as to minimize the Training costs of the Youths, this Training Course could be ensured through all the Thana Offices throughout Bangladesh. The Policy should be : “No such Training, No Foreign Employment” and the Training related costs be borne by the Govt. as well as the Manpower Recruiting Companies jointly and if required, the said costs be covered on 24 monthly installments basis from the Foreign Earnings of the concerned person.


19. Open Smoking & Proper Monitoring : Though there in ban on Open Smoking, but actually, it is in the Theory and not in Practice. Though Open Smoking is prohibited as per our present Law, but one can see it everywhere, which has to be controlled strictly for the cause of our National Interests, Public Health. To ensure the same, one Graduate Person with one Executive and one Messenger be employed in each Police Station of the Country, who would just ensure the Policy through the Law-enforcing Agency. No need to employ a Magistrate in this regard, as no Legal Interpretation is required here.

Nobody should smoke in any Open Place, Office, Restaurant, Shop, Bus-stoppage, Launch, Train, etc. ( but a person can smoke in a close-door room alone ) and in case of any violation, Tk.1,000 be fined per violation and be also jailed for 07 days if a person violates 03 times in 60 days’ time. Side by side, Tax and VAT be increased by 03 times to divert the Citizens’ minds, so that they refrain from smoking. Again, the Cigarette Producing Companies be requested to please divert their Funds from this Tobacco Industries to any other Industries of Social Interests and Special Incentives like 05 to 10 years’ Tax exemption, CIP status, etc. be given to them ( the Tobacco Industrialists, who would invest in other Industries of Social Interests ), so that they are inspired to come forward without any hesitation.

20. Life Jackets for the Seagoing Trawlers/Boats : Registers of Employment Records showing Photographs & National IDs must be maintained by all the Trawlers, Fishing Boats and all concerned, who would go to Sea or River for the fishing purposes. Again, sufficient Life Jackets ( 01 Jacket per Person ) and Radio be in each Trawler, Boat, Launch and this must be ensured by law. In case of violation, the concerned Owner/s be fined for Tk.25 lac and jailed for minimum 25 years.

21. ID Cards for the Employees : All the Garment Workers and other Industries & Factory Workers, Staff, Executives must have the Colored ID Cards showing the National IDs, which shall have to be issued by their respective Employing Authority. Proper Employment Registers must also be maintained. This is required to prevent Social Injustice, Illegal Protests and the exact Records of Manpower Employed in case of any Accident. If violated, the concerned Employing Authority be fined for Tk.50 lac and be jailed also for minimum 25 years.

22. Social Security : 100% Citizens be taken under this scheme, so that nobody dies without the Basic Rights as per our Constitution. The Govt. in Power must ensure that within a declared time period of maximum 03 years. If violated, proper legal action be considered against that/those Govt./s and their Executives by impeaching or jailing ( as the case may be ), the Head/s of the Govt./s and the concerned Minister/s.

23. Old-home : There should be an Institution with decent Residential facilities for 100 persons to 150 persons in each Police Station to save the elderly Persons, 50 plus years, who do not have the guarantee of the Basic Rights or Close-ones to look-after them. The Social Welfare Department must ensure that. In case of failure, the Head of the Govt as well as the concerned Minister and the related Officers/Employees be fined and jailed ( Tk.25 lac as Fine or 10 years Jail term ).

24. Wealth Statement, Bank Statement & Tax Return : Strong presence of these 03 Statements/Documents alone can certainly prevent a Country and their Respected Citizens from doing Corruptions by 98%. As a Policy matter, 100% Officers / Staff / Employees of any Organization, whether Govt., Semi-Govt., Autonomous or Private, must submit those 03 Documents before their respective Authorities at the time of joining in their Services and the same to be continued per year till the person is in Service. Those 03 documents must be evaluated at least per 03 years and in case of any unexplainable White Source of Income of any person, the concerned person be jailed for minimum 25 years and 95% of the Property / Cash in Hand / Cash in the Bank Account/s be confiscated by the Govt. and be utilized for the common cause of wellbeing of her Citizens.

Other than those Service holders, all the Teachers, Office-Bearers of all Business Organizations, City Corporations, Union Councils throughout the Country must also submit those 03 Documents on regular basis before their respective Authorities, which shall have to be properly evaluated in the same way as mentioned above ( for further details, my write-up on “Corruption Practice in Bangladesh” may please be studied ).

25. Amendment Of Constitution : We all observed in the last few months ( October, 2006 to January, 2007 ) with much pain, how the interested Groups use it or want to use it for their own interests in the name of “CONSTITUTION”, “ELECTION” and “RIGHTS” of our “PEOPLE” and honoring (?) the same ! They want to obey the Constitution in the name of Election to be held within the so-called 90 days’ time, as if all the Citizens, 150 Millions, would die if the Election is not held within that 90 days, while they willfully forget the “Basic Aim” and the other very important “Clauses of the Constitution” in connection with the pains of Millions of Citizens, who live on streets, beg from doors to doors for years & decades together ; who born in debt, live in debt and also die in debt.

* Majority of our “Political Leaders” and “Civil Society” do talk much about the “Voting Rights” ( which is not even included in the Basic Rights of our Constitution ), but keep “Deadly Silence” in respect of “Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education and Medical Care” ( which have been confirmed as the Basic Rights of our Citizens under the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES OF STATE POLICY in the Clause No. 15 ( a ) of our Constitution at Page : 5, April, 2008 Edition ) of our Citizens, when they live under water for years ( Bhabodaho of Satkhira District and Monohorganj of Comilla District ) or live on the streets ( throughout Bangladesh in all the Cities ) without minimum Shelter, Food & Treatment even! As if, the Voting Right is much more important to a human being than those basic rights! As if, by ensuring the Voting Rights, one can live without the Food, Shelter & Treatment! This is 100% willful violation of our Constitution and we need to understand that.

* A vast number of our Population is unemployed and remains unemployed, though as per the Clause No.15.(a) to ( d ), the Citizens have the Right to Work, Right to Reasonable Rest, Right to Social Security and so on, though the Govt. has miserably failed to ensure those Rights to her Citizens, which is a gross violation of the above mentioned Clause & Sub-Clauses of our Constitution. But we, the so-called Politicians & Civil Society, do our best to ignore those and shout for the Voting Rights for our own interests! As if, “Wazib Namaz” or “Nafle Namaz” is much more important than the “Basic 5-Times’ Prayer” per day! It does not mean that I am against the Voting Rights of our Hon’ble Citizens ! What I want to say & mean, please do ensure the Basic Rights first and then go for the Voting Rights or at least, talk about the both rights at a time, just do not give emphasis on mere Voting Rights by forgetting the Basic Rights, which comes first in a person’s life.

* Though we say ” Equality before Law” ( Clause No. 27 of Fundamental Rights at Page 8 of our Constitution ), but actually, it is not. For the same or even a minor offence, while Mr.X gets rigorous imprisonments for life, then Mr.Y lives in A/C Cabin of a Modern Hospital or gets permission to visit other Countries for better treatments, though Mr.Y’s offence is 100,000 times’ more serious than Mr.X ! But Mr.X is being killed in a Crossfire, while Mr.Y lives in the Society as a VIP under the Govt.’s protection! Again, there is much ambiguity in the different Clauses of our Constitution ( the learned Lawyers know it better ), which creates unnecessary debates amongst the Citizens and even in the High Court & Supreme Court as well.

Considering the hard reality, our Constitution must be amended or be freshly written again in order to avoid all these shortcomings. We must understand that the Constitution is not a Religious Book, which came from “Almighty Allah”. The fact is, it is a simple book written by some of our learned Lawyers under the guidance of the Political Leaders ( who are knowledgeable, but not above human errors ) in the name of wellbeing of our common People, which could be changed/amended at any time depending upon the gravity of the practical situation and we all know, it has already been changed so many times to meet the interests of some Special Citizens. Therefore, where is the bar to change the same again to ensure the 100% legal rights of our Common Citizens ?


“Is it that they are Poor as they were born on the Streets or we, the so-called Educated Groups, compelled them to born there by creating some special bars ?” Time is matured enough to get the reply of this vital question, if not for the common Citizens, but for our so-called educated Groups.


The End

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