Letter to the Prime Minister of Bangladesh Government on Tuesday, November 09, 2010 in connection with “Policy to Generate Power on Priority basis to meet the National crisis as well as some other Important issues”

Dated : Dhaka, Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Her Excellency, Sheikh Hasina                                                    National Issue ; MOST URGENT
Honorable Prime Minister                                                                         Personal Attention, Please
Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources
Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Subject : Policy to Generate Power on Priority basis to meet the National crisis as well as some other Important issues
Reference : Law approved by your Government ; Fast-track Energy deals for 2 years


As a conscious Citizen and being inspired, I am pleased to draw your kind attention to the above mentioned subject & reference. Well, as per the news published, your DRAFT Law would allow “Tendering Authorities to quickly publish Tender Notices on Newspapers and Websites, make correspondences and Negotiations with the Bidders through e-mails to FIX Service Prices, which will reduce time to complete the tender process. This law would allow Direct Tendering and Unsolicited deal with a Single Bidder or from a pool of Pre-selected Bidders through Restrictive Tender. But the general idea of the policy is to hold the Tenders among a Selected Group of Bidders and not seek it from a Single Bidder. To ensure the transparency, the Tendering Authorities would follow Bidders’ Qualification Criterion and evaluate the bid as per the Standard Practice.”

As per that DRAFT law, though it is hoped that it would save Time and ensure Transparency and it also sounds very good to the common people at a glance, but actually, the mere hope shall not come true due to the following 05 ( Five ) strongest reasons. In the law, it used some conditions or used some words like : A) Fixing of price through negotiations ; B) Pre-selected Bidders ; C) Restrictive Tender ; D) Bidders’ qualification criterion and E) Evaluate the Bid as per the Standard practice.

What I do strongly believe, your Excellency sincerely want to solve the Power crisis for the smooth development of our People and Country. That is why, as per your Excellency’s sincere-most instructions, though that formula was placed before your Excellency by your Experts and which also looks quite fine at a glance from outside, but actually, that formula shall not fulfill your Excellency’s dream only due to the most serious bottlenecks of that formula itself.

May be, your Experts might have missed to understand the real bottlenecks of the formula or it might also be so that, they have done it quite purposely just to kill your most democratic Government’s Popularity and to hinder the development process of your Government and bring extreme miseries to your People!!!

Excellency, you gave directions for the 1,200 MW QUICK Rental Power, which also did not work well as you expected, and more or less, the above mentioned 05 reasons are responsible for that unexpected result. We also applied for the Quick Rental Power for a 40 MW Diesel based Power Plant from NEPC, USA at a proposed price of Tk.14.25 per kwh, spent 02 to 03 months’ time behind this and finally failed to draw the kind attention of the authority concerned due to the reasons best known to them or not known to us.

However, what we do believe, Electricity is required by any means for the Smooth, Proper and Contineous Development of our People & Country and no So-called Research is required to prove that. If your Excellency and your Ministry People do please agree to that, in that case, those above mentioned 05 ( Five ) most serious bottlenecks from A) to E) be withdrawn / deleted from the Law, as those would certainly hatch Corruptions in the Process from EVALUATION to the PRICE NEGOTIATIONS causing the miserable failure of your Excellency’s expectations and bring unexplainable misseries, pains & sorrows to our People in all respects. Though you have dropped the TENDER idea, but Evaluation, Price Negotiations and Indemnity Law are there, which beyond any human doubt, shall bring CORRUPTIONS & VIOLENCE in the entire Country, but bring LUCK for the concerned Officials even in a much larger scale.

What I personally firmly believe, the Power Generation Policy / Law should be free from any Tender & Negotiation process, if we do really want the smooth and continuous Development of our Country and her People from our heart, as the Quality and Colour of the Generated Electricity throughout the world shall be the same without seeing their caste, creed & colour and by applying some wonderful measures, Corruptions could also be controlled if not 100%, but by minimum 95% from this Power sector.

What I do want to mean, Bangladesh Government should declare much in advance in Public through TV Channels, Newspares, Power Ministry & BPDB Websites and Government Gazette that : (01) The Government has already fixed 64 Numbers of Power Zone ( one in in each District ) or 08 Numbers of Power Zone ( one in each Division ), as the case may be, throughout the Country for the smooth & continuous Power Generation, where the interested Power Generating Company or Person shall be allowed to get a single Plot of appropriate Land ( size of the plot to be based upon their proposal for the Generated MW of Power ) on first come first served basis to Generate Electricity in order to sell that Electricity to the Government at the Government’s advanced declared price per kwh ; (02) The Government shall buy minimum 03 MW to maximum 150 MW of Electricity for the next 15 to 25 years ; (03) Bangladesh Government shall give the GUARANTEE to buy the Generated Electricity and Per kwh of Electricity shall be bought by the Government at a fixed price of Tk……………. and or USD………… ( the price per kwh shall vary for different fuels like: Gas, Diesel, Furnace Oil and so on ), which shall increase or decrease proportionately per 02 to 03 ( Two to Three ) years depending upon the fluctuation of the International price of the related Equipments & Fuels ( to avoid unexpected criticisms, the price per kwh of Electricity be fixed much in advance on the basis of at least 17 to 25 average price of Electricity already bought by the Government from the different Companies since the last 15 years ) ; (04) Any Company or Person with just a Trade License shall be allowed to Generate & Sell Electricity to the Government on first come first served basis ; (05) To expand Power business and also to avoid MONOPOLY, minimum 03 MW to maximum 150 MW of Electricity shall be purchased by the Government without any question at a fixed price of Tk……… or USD …… per kwh from any interested Company or Person ; (06) Compulsory Fine for the failure of the Required Power Generation on TIME, shall be Tk.1.00 ( Taka One ) lac or equvalent USD per kwh per day and in case of failure to sell the required Electricity on time to the Government from the Power Genating Company or Person, no litigation or Law suit/s be allowed from them ( Power Generating Companies / Persons ) to perdon them or minimise the declared fine and lastly, (07) Failure to Generate Electricy and sell the same to the Government within maximum 60 ( Sixty ) days of expiration of the contract terms, the allocated plot of land be cancelled and again Tk.3.00 ( Taka Three ) Crores be penalised for such failure. Also, if necessary, they be jailed for minimum 05 ( Five ) years in case of failure to pay the imposed fine on time and once the Plot of land is cancelled, that can not be allocated to them by any means any more on any ground.

I do again strongly believe it from my heart that, if the above mentioned 07 ( Seven ) humble suggestions from 01 to 07 are accepted and implemented by the Government on TOPMOST PRIORITY basis, in that case, there shall not be any shortage of Electricity in our Country, even Bangladesh shall be in a position to export Electricity to the neighbouring Countries in your Government’s period under your Excellency’s able leadership.

Not only that, if these humble suggestions are fully accepted and implemented, in that case, the Power Ministry or the BPDB Officials shall never be scared also, as this policy shall not give any scope of corruptions to any one and hence, naturally there shall not be any question or necessity to pass any Law of Indemnity ( daaimukti law ) for the concerned Officials or the Policy Makers as well. Naturally, there shall not be any irrelevant critisim as well against your Excellency’s Government, which shall certainly bring peace and unexpected good results for the People & their beloved Country.

Excellency, if it sounds good and if interested, I would humbly request your Excellency to please visit my Personal Website : www.iqbalsharif.com and read the Article on ” Power Generation ……… “, which might help a little more to understand and solve the present Power crisis. If further interested & really serious, the following Articles on : ” Coal Policy ……..” ; ” Corruption Practice ………” ; ” Earthquake ……….. ” ; ” 25 Burning Issues………. ” and ” An Appeal ” may please also be read for the perfect development of our beloved People and their Country.

Would your Excellency have time to read my present e-mail for the greater interests of your People & Country ? If agreed to my humble suggestions, would your Excellency please instruct your Ministry and BPDB Officials to please implement those suggestions on Topmost Priority basis, please ?

If any confusion or misunderstanding to implement the above mentioned 07 humble suggestions, in that case, to overcome those burning issues, I might be invited and discussed LIVE on all the TV Channels at a time in your Excellency’s presence including the presence of the Hon’ble Ministers, Members of Parliament, Dignified Personalities, whose Names & Designations have been mentioned in this e-mail while forwarding Copies of this e-mail to them.

Thanking your Excellency in advance for your most precious Govt.time to read this e-mail and passing a positive instruction to your concerned Government Officials to please implement those humble suggestions on TOPMOST PRIORITY basis.

With kindest regards,
Sincerely yours,

Muhd.Iqbal Hussain Sharif
Independent Consultant
363 Zafrabad, East
( In between Physical College
& Graffic Arts Institute )
Mohammadpur, Dhaka-1207

Cell : 01711-527-080
E-mail : [email protected]
Web : www.iqbalsharif.com

Copy forwaded for their kind information & most immediate necessary actions to :

A) Dr.Tawfiq-e-Elahi Chowdhury, BB
Hon. Advisor to the Hon.Prime Minister
B) Dr.M.K.Alamgir
Hon’ble M.P. and President, Committee on Government’s Purchase
C) Brig. Gen. ( rtd ) Mr.Muhammad Enamul Huq
Hon. State Minister, Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources
D) Secretary, Power Division
E) Chairman, Bangladesh Power Development Board
F) The Hon. President, National Press Club
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Dated : Dhaka, Tuesday, November 09, 2010