office-photo1.JPGoffice-photo2.JPGoffice-photo3.JPGoffice-photo4.JPGoffice-photo5.JPGoffice-photo6.JPGoffice-photo7.JPGoffice-photo8.JPGoffice-photo9.JPGoffice-photo10.JPGoffice-photo11.JPGoffice-photo12.JPGoffice-photo13.JPGoffice-photo14.JPGoffice-photo15.JPGoffice-photo16.JPGoffice-photo17.JPGoffice-photo18.JPGoffice-photo19.JPGScene of Business Agreement Signing with a Chinese Company at our Lalmatia Office sometimes in December,2000office-photo21.JPGoffice-photo22.JPGoffice-photo23.JPGAddressing in a Dinner Meeting in Dhaka on February 03, 1993 in honor of Mr.J.W.Kim, Chairman, Impressions of California, USA. Among others, Mr.Shahidullah, Mr.Pintu Khan and Mr.Al Hossainy, M.D.s of different Garment Factories are ( seen from back ), myself and Mr.Md.Shahidullah and others are seen in the same dinner meeting on February 03, 1993.Among others, Mr.Al Hussainy, Former Secretary to the Govt. of Bangladesh ( Blue Suit with White Shirt & Eyeglass ) and Chairman, Tamanna Fabrics are seen in the said Dinner Meeting on February 03, 1993.Scene of the said Dinner Meeting on February 03, 1993.Dinner meeting in honor of one Sr. Executive of Impressions of California, USA sometimes in December, 1992. Mr.Shahidullah, M.D., Quality Garments ( 3rd from Left ) and others are seen also.Courtesy visit sometimes in March-April, 1996 or so with Brig.Gen.(Retd.) Mr.Abdullah, Dy.Chief of Jamuna Bridge Project, just after the signing of Million Dollar monthly supply contract with Hyunday Company to supply Sylhet Boulders.Scene of the said Lunch Meeting in Sonargao Hotel on July 28, 2003. Among others, Mr.A.N.M.Yusuf, Mr.Kihak Sung, Maj.Gen.( Retd) Masud and Mr.Md.Wahiduzzaman, M.D., Japan Garden City Ltd. are seen.Photo Session just after the said Lunch Meeting in Hotel Sonargaon on July 28, 2003.Scene of Agreement Signing with Mr.Wang Jie, Sr.Engr. and Hon’ble Dy.Director General, Shandong Provincial Bureau of  Geo-Mineral Exploration & Development, P.R.China on October 23, 2000.With my wife, Alam Ara Iqbal, at the entrance point of Guangzhou Fair, Guanzhou, China in October, 2000.Scene of Courtesy Meeting with the Governor, Fushan District of Shandong Province ( extreme Right ) sometimes on October 24, 2000.Scene of the Dinner Meeting hosted by the Secretary of Fushan District ( who is above the Governor ), Shandong Province, P.R.China in our honor on October 24, 2000. Among others, the Governor, Fushan District ( Middle, Half Bold-Head and in a Bowing Position ) is seen.Scene of a Business Meeting in Fushan District, China on October 24, 2000 to import Fruits from China.My wife, myself, Mr.Wang Jie and the Apple Exporter in the said Business Meeting on October 24, 2000.Addressing in the said Dinner Meeting hosted in our honor by the Secretary ( who is above the Governor ), Fushan  District on October 24, 2000.Scene of the said Dinner Meeting, which was hosted in our honor by the Secretary, Fushan District of Shandong  Province, P.R.China on October24, 2000. Among others, the Secretary ( White Shirt, extreme Left ) is seen.In a Dinner Meeting in Hong Kong on October 25, 2000.save0062.JPGsave0062a.JPGsave0063.JPGsave0063a.JPGsave0064.JPGsave0064a.JPGsave0065.JPGsave0065a.JPGsave0066.JPGsave0066a.JPGsave0067.JPGsave0067a.JPGsave0068.JPGsave0068a.JPGsave0069.JPGsave0071.JPG

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