Price Hike and Its Probable Control Policy

Price-hike and its Probable Control Policy
Muhd.Iqbal Hussain Sharif



It is of no use to explain the meaning of Price hike any more, as now a days, even a Child knows the crucial meaning of the term. As a direct result, we, the “Middle & Lower Classes”, are in the “Danger of Extinction” and the Govt. is under serious threat to collapse as well. I believe, those days are not too far if proper actions are not considered and executed on priority basis ! I do firmly believe, this trend of most unethical business by some Dacoits and Looters of our Society could certainly be solved, provided the Govt. would please consider the following proposal. Though Bangladesh Rifles ( BDR ) tried to market some of the items of our daily necessities to keep the price under control ( but later on postponed the said Project due to some mysterious and unacceptable reason/s ), but considering the demand & supply gap, that seemed something like a drop of water in the river. To minimize the gap, the following steps may please be considered with immediate effect :–A) Instead of canceling the BDR’s Project, that has to be restarted as soon as possible and be continued minimum for the next 05 years or so on emergency basis, which should run its business on everyday, 365 days per year. Everyday early morning ( 3 am to 6 am ) BDR could buy all kinds of Vegetables & other available items including Fish, Meat, Spices, etc. direct from the Growers & Sellers of the local Village Market ( within 2 to 3 hours’ distance by Truck from the City area ) and could sell those things in all the City Markets ( not only in a few Retail Markets, but there should be sufficient space fixed for BDR in every City Market, both Retail & Wholesale as well as BDR should have also additional 5 to 7 Wholesale Markets in the City area and also at least 2 such Spots in each District Town ). This can save the buyers at least 60% to 70% of their daily budgets fixed for this purpose. To make it simple, in the same Market, buyers will have the scope to buy from both the BDR shops as well as from the other shops ( at least 05 % space of each Market in the Country be occupied by the BDR ).B) This marketing process by BDR should continue throughout the year beginning from the next month ( if possible ) and it should continue minimum for the next 05 years or so to save the common People, the blood of our Country.

C) Within this interim period of 05 years, in collaboration with BDR, Govt. can assist to form local Associations with the local Growers & Sellers in all the Police Stations and Unions throughout the Country.

D) Govt. will give sufficient fund, say 5% ( Five per cent ) of our National Budget, to each Thana & Union Association, so that they can have their own Agricultural Farm, Transport System & Manpower to market their produced products direct in the City and District Town Markets ( the Associations shall use the same shops as were used by BDR ) without going to the Middlemen and the said fund should be Interest Free and to be returned by the Association concerned to the Govt. within 03 months after the end of 5 years’ time.

E) Govt. should impose Ban on Fishing for 06 months’ time or so during the pregnancy season. Also, Govt. should keep some Rivers & Water Reservoirs throughout the Country free from fishing for minimum 03 years or as per the impartial opinion of the concerned Experts, so that the fish could grow bigger and the same must be implemented strictly. To execute the same plan, the concerned 100% Fishermen and others affected, must be given cash benefits to run their Families properly during that Ban period.

F) Govt. should also introduce mandatory Insurance with immediate effect on all Crops to save the Growers from the disasters, if any.

G) 100% Import duties on all main Food items ( like : Rice, Wheat, Oil, Pulse, Onion, Garlic, Pepper, Zinger, etc.) be withdrawn for the next 5 years.

H) Special Agricultural Projects be implemented in each Thana / Union attaching topmost priority.

I) All the uncultivated land anywhere in the Country compulsorily be taken under cultivation to produce the daily necessities and Forestry through the local Associations ( to be formed as mentioned earlier ). The local Union Council Chairmen, Members, Unemployed Youths, Widows, Distressed Citizens and the Officer-in-Charge of each Police Station including the other Police Personnel Officially be involved to implement and supervise the program. The successful Associations be rewarded attractively, while the others will be punished ( minimum 05 years’ jail with a fine of Tk.300,000 ), who will fail to achieve the required target.

J) Bangladesh Bank and all other Commercial Banks may please be advised / instructed accordingly to provide necessary Funds for this vast Agricultural Programs including the Agricultural Insurance Policies throughout the Country. Even, Fund could also be arranged by confiscating the 90% Bank Accounts and all other Movable & Immovable Properties of the proven Criminals of our Country.

I firmly believe, if the said recommendations could be accepted & executed without any delay, there shall be no need to import the daily necessities after that 5 years’ time. There shall be no necessity to request the Donor Agencies for Donations or Loans at the costs of our Country’s goodwill. In such an economic stable condition, naturally the common People as well as the Govt. could reach a permanently peaceful atmosphere, which is a precondition to any Development & Reform.

Would anyone of you please look into the matter ? May I expect those good days ?

The End

Sent to Dr. A. B. Mirza Md. Azizul Islam, Hon’ble Finance Adviser, Govt. of the P.R.Bangladesh by E-mail on Friday, June 15, 2007 at ‘[email protected]’ and Copy forwarded for their kind information and necessary actions to : -
H.E., The Chief Adviser, Govt. of the P.R.Bangladesh
• Chairman & Executive Director, CPD
• Coordinator, Bangladesh Sanglap
• Programme Director, Tritio Matra

N.B. : No response as yet from anyone of them.

* Slightly modified on Friday, October 10, 2008.

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