Open Letter to Prof. Dr. Yunus

Open Letter to Prof. Dr. Yunus
(Congratulating on his Noble Peace Award)


To : Prof. Dr. Muhammad Yunus

Nobel Peace Prize winner, 2006
Chairman, Grameen Bank
Mirpur, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Dear Dr. Yunus, our Pride,

We, the Bangladeshi Nation as a whole, are extremely proud of you, your family and your creation, Grameen Bank. On behalf of Bangladesh, the entire peace loving people of the world and our Family ( Wife : Alam Ara ; Daughter : Sharif Tahsin Farah / Sristy ( 13 yrs ) and myself ), I congratulate & salute you !

After Bangabandhu Sk. Mujibur Rahman, the Father of our Nation, your winning of Nobel Prize has given us the unique and most precious scope to unite our Country, which may not come again within the next 100 years time. Though you are not involved in Politics, still for the sake of the permanent peace in our country and correct history, would you mind to please come forward to boldly declare the statement in public, which late President Ziaur Rahman confirmed in several occasions, both verbally and in writings ? In this regard, I would like to mention the single statement, which late President Zia made on March 27, 1971 from Bangladesh Radio, Chittagong saying that ” I, Maj. Zia, do hereby declare the independence of Bangladesh on behalf of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman “.
Our country is divided into so many fractions of interested groups ( who are maximum 15% of our total population ) only due to narrow political gambling and that’s why, we were poor, we are poor and we shall remain poor for an unlimited period of time, until and unless, we can come out from this game.

As we know, without Political decision, no peace can be dreamt even and hence, in order to establish the permanent peace in our country, first of all, we should settle the basic controversy about the contributions of our national leaders, mainly Bangabandhu & President Zia. It is beyond any doubt that late President Zia was really a very good and honest person, but Bangabandhu was his ( President Zia ) undisputed leader, whether the heirs of President Zia’s family and his established Political Party or the related advisors & followers agree to that or not. Bangabandhu was the undisputed single national leader of Bangladesh, while President Zia was one of his ( Bangabandhu ) important faithful followers. This is historical fact and the world should know it once again for the permanent decision to bring peace in our country. With due respect, we must recognize the contributions of President Zia in our Liberation War and at the same time, we want the establishment of the facts of Liberation War in 1971.
Though, in writing, all the Political Parties want to do really good for their Country & People, but practically, it is reverse due to the existence of some corrupt Persons in all the Political Parties and the related unexpected silence of the Chiefs of those Parties ( who do not talk with each-other ) due to unknown reasons. Though the majority ( at least 85% ) people are good and everyone should be judged by his/her personal activities, but unfortunately, we, the majority People, are totally wrongly informed, powerless and misjudged, which scenario should be changed and we prefer your leadership here.

Now, you are our Nation’s hero. The world knows you. You got NOBEL Prize in PEACE. You are matured enough and have nothing to fear. If you want to, you can please personally talk to their Excellencies, Begum Zia and Sk. Hasina in a close-door meeting to overcome all those narrow gamblings forever. If their personal and political activities are good and they work for the well-being of the common people, they have nothing to fear and being the hero, you have nothing to fear ( which we cant ) as well.

We honor our Constitution and also want our National Election as per the Constitutional way ( though it can be changed for the cause of People’s welfare at any time and as and when required ). But there is a small problem. As the Political Party in Power, with a narrow aim in mind, changed that constitutional way by changing the age limit of the Respected Judges only and that is why, controversy came with Mr.Justice K.M.Justice Hassan, who is the close relative of Begum Zia, was directly attached with the present ruling Party, could not pass judgment on Bangabandhus assassination case and who also very recently proved his obedience to the Ruling Party. EC Aziz also proved his questioned neutrality long before through some unwanted comments / remarks about the present Party in opposition, which you know well.
Considering all those circumstances in mind, in order to establish the permanent peace & happiness by eliminating the narrow conspiracies from the Political Parties as above mentioned, would you please come forward to save the nation ? May we expect your bold decision in this regard, please ?

I personally firmly believe, in this National Election period, this is the peak time to root-out all the conspiracies from our Political Parties in order to establish your peace plan. I also believe, if you decide to come forward to establish the historical facts as above mentioned, the entire Nation ( more or less 85% population of our Country ) will be with you and that will surely bring permanent peace in our homeland and to do so, you may need maximum 10 to 15 years instead of 25 years’ time.
With thanks & kind regards,
Truly yours,
Muhd. Iqbal Hussain Sharif
A loyal & proud Citizen of Bangladesh

Mob: 01711-527-080 ; Tel: 8851848 ;
E-mail: [email protected], [email protected]
Dated: Dhaka, Monday, October 16, 2006

N.B. : This Letter was first sent by e-mail on October 15, 2006.

2nd Letter to Prof. Dr. Yunus
( In connection with to form a Political Party )
Dated : Dhaka, Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Retransmitted after slight corrections
To : Prof. Dr. Mohammad Yunus

Hall Marks
6 / D, 66 Outer Circular Road
Moghbazar, Dhaka-1217

Honble Sir,

I am pleased to write to you in connection with your kind invitation on TV on Feb. 11, 2007 and the news published in the different News Papers on Feb.12, 2007. I personally believe, YES, you have the right to form a Political Party and this is the most suitable time to do so.
We, the common People, want a rapid change towards the path of desired development of our Country without any major Corruption. As a person, I really like you from my heart and out of emotion, drops of tears came out from my eyes, when I came to know your unique victory ! To express my gratitude, I also sent you a letter on October 16, 2006 on the news of receiving of your Noble Peace Prize ( though I have not received any confirmation message as yet ).

But within this time period from October 16, 2006 to date, I am in a little bit dilemma to support you as a Political Person as because : ( A ) You advised the Mohajote not to give Oborodhe, though you did not request the 4-Party Alliance to refrain from any Corruption & illegal activities, so that the Mohajote do not need to declare any Oborodhe. ( B ) You requested the Honble President to be hard, but you did not clarify against whom the President shall be hard. ( C ) We all know, the Political chaos started as the 4-Party Alliance willfully changed the age of the Judges with a narrow aim to be Politically benefited out of that decision, but you said nothing against that. ( D ) You were in favor of the National Election to be held within the 90 days time period in the name of upholding the Constitution, but you did not want to see the Public Opinion and the Reality, which was not expected from an internationally honored & accepted Person like you ! ( E ) Again, there are allegations against your Grameen Bank that you take maximum Bank interest, say 24% to 35% from those Poor’s, which is again unthinkable and unbelievable.

However, if you believe that those mistakes were not intentional, your Grameen Banks interest shall not be more than 10% and if you are in power, your Political Partys only aim shall be : ( a ) To give topmost priority for the economic & all kinds of developments of Bangladesh and her People without preferring any partisan Politics ; ( b ) To arrest & ensure a long term jail to at least 10,000 most corrupt Persons from all the sections of our Country and confiscate their all movable & immovable properties including their Bank Accounts in and outside Bangladesh and ( c ) To look into the 12 points of my e-mail, which I sent to all the leading News Agencies, Daily & Weekly News Papers and all The TV Channels of Bangladesh on February 11, 2007, which has been attached here with this e-mail.

If accepted as a Policy matter, then certainly I shall have 100% support for you and your proposed Political Party and shall be ready to accept all pains in order to join Politics. Though I am not involved in Politics, but I am a cautious citizen and proud of my Country. I was the elected Debate Secretary of Gurudayal College, Kishoreganj in the 1970-1971 session and was elected as a person by defeating all the Student Parties attached with the Political Parties. I was a Govt. Officer from 1978 to 1982, resigned from the Service in May, 1982, went to the USA in 1988 and returned from there in 1992 leaving my Green Card and the dreaming world. I was offered to join Politics in 1970 by the then AL and in 1983 by BNP, which I did not accept considering the TIME & MONETARY conditions, which were not appropriate for me.
Whether you accept my preconditions or not, I shall have 100% moral support ( not active ) for you to join Politics and to form a Political Party. Well, though I cant properly drive a Car, but I can contribute my Services for the wellbeing of our Country as an Advisor or as a Leader, which will depend upon your kind acceptance of my e-mail.
May Almighty Allah please bless you and your proposed Political Party to build our Country !
With thanks & kind regards,
Truly yours,
Muhd. Iqbal Hussain Sharif
Lake Kahcashen
House : 6, Suite : D-5
Road : 33, Gulshan-1

Mob : 01711-527-080 ;

E-mail :
[email protected],
[email protected]

List of Attachments:

A. Letter to you on October 16, 2006 ;
B. E-mail to all the leading News Agencies, News Papers & TV Channels of Bangladesh on February 11, 2007, which will help to understand my believes. ( C ) My CV.

N.B. : Slightly Edited on Friday, August 08, 2008

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