College Life

Photographic Session after the Drama, “Kankabotir Ghat of “Ashkar-Ibne-Shaikh” in the Annual Cultural Function of  Gurudayal College, Kishoreganj sometimes in December, 1969 or 1970.With Late Prof. Kabir Chowdhury, Head of English Department, Dhaka University, who visited our Gurudayal College,  Kishoreganj sometimes in 1970. Among others, Left to Right are ( sitting ) : Prof.N.C.Ghosh ( 3rd from Left ), Prof. Kabir  Chowdhury, Prof. Abul Kalam, Prof. F.Kabir, Prof. P.K.Chowdhury of our Gurudayal College.Victory Procession being elected as “Debate Secretary” of Gurudayal College, Kishoregonj on January 28, 1971Scene of the Installation Ceremony ( 1970-1971 Session ) of the Office Bearers of the Students of Gurudayal College,  Kishoreganj. I am 3rd from Left ( Debate Secretary ), while Nuru as GS ( 5th ), Mustafiz Bhai as VP ( 6th ), Principal  Wasimuddin Sir, Atikillah Sir ( Pol.Science ), Late Khuku respectively.save0077.JPGsave0077a.JPGsave0076a.JPGsave0076.JPG02.JPG01.JPG

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