Letter to the US President H.E., Mr.Barack Obama

| Friday, December 6, 2013

iqbal-sharif1.gifDated : Dhaka, Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 8.13 PM
To : H.E., Mr.Barack Obama

The 44th Elected President of The U.S.A.
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
The United States of America

Copy : H.E., Mr.James F. Moriarty

The US Ambassador to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh

Sub : Congratulations as the 44th Elected President of the United States of America with a humble request to please visit my Personal Website : www.iqbalsharif.com in order to eradicate Corruptions & to ensure Justice by 98% of any Country of the entire World.


Congratulations in advance on your taking Charge as the 44th Elected President of the United States of America on January 20, 2009. You just changed not only the American History, but also the World History of Mankind! We, the Oppressed World, are proud of your Excellency and pray to the Almighty Allah/God to please assist your Excellency to fulfill all of your dreams for the greater causes of the entire humanity!

Well, as a conscious Citizen of Bangladesh, I have tried my best to express my humble views in my Personal Website : www.iqbalsharif.com, which would be helpful to eradicate Corruptions & ensure Justice by 98% and would also solve the basic problems like : Beggars, Unemployment, Food, Shelters, Power Generation and so on of any Country provided, the following topics are read, understood, approved as Laws and are executed properly by your Great Country as well as by the respective Governments through your Excellency’s able Guidance & Leadership :-

01. Welcome Address
02. An Appeal
03. Corruption Practice in Bangladesh
04. 25 Most Important Burning Issues of Bangladesh
05. Poverty Eradication
06. Price Control
07. Power Generation : Problems & Prospects
08. Our Coal & Energy Policy
09. Earthquake & The Precautionary Measures in Advance

Excellency, you are the Luckiest Elected President of the most Powerful Country of the World and you are from the Oppressed Group of Mankind and naturally, you know and understand the sufferings of the Common People throughout the World. I would like to salute you and your Great American People for making such a unique History! Being inspired on your most Tremendous Victory of the World History, I took the liberty to write to you with a humble request to please visit my Personal Website : www.iqbalsharif.com, so that other Countries could also be benefited from those Policies under your most unique leadership.

Would your Excellency be kind enough to please advise your Office to visit my mentioned website, study the Topics as have been requested for and also influence the Governments of the different Countries including Bangladesh to please approve the related Policies in order to ensure the basic developments of their respective Countries, please ?
May I expect such a wonderful action from your Excellency for the greater causes of the entire Mankind, please ?
With thanks & kindest Regards,
Sincerely yours,

Muhd.Iqbal Hussain Sharif

“Gladiola”, Suite : A-3, 3rd Floor
House : 11, Road : 23, Sector : 7
Uttara Model Town, Uttara
Dhaka-1230, Bangladesh

Cell : + 88-01711-527-080 ( 24 hours ) ; Landphone : + 88-02-8962449 ; Fax : + 88-02-8962385
E-mail : info@iqbalsharif.com, eiw.sharif@gmail.com ; Website : www.iqbalsharif.com

N.B. : H.E., Mr.James F. Moriarty, the US Ambassador to the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, is humbly requested to please make it ensured that the letter to H.E.,Mr.Barack Obama is received by the White House and forwarded to His Excellency, The 44th Elected President of the United States of America for His Excellency’s kind information and necessary actions.

This letter was transmitted to His Excellecy, Mr.Barack Obama at : comments@whitehouse.gov and H.E.,Mr.James F. Moriarty at : ustc-dhaka@state.gov on Thursday, November 20, 2008 at 8.14 PM.